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Custom portraits allow you to capture a cherished personal moment and keep it forever! Choose from a classic acrylic or oil painting on canvas or wood OR choose a brand new offering of mixed media which combines inks, acrylics, oil and spray paint on canvas.

How It Works


Select Your Style

The first step is to decide what style painting you would like. You can choose from a one of a kind oil portrait, acrylic painting or a custom mixed media portrait.


Customize Your Product

Next, customize your order by choosing wood or canvas, with or without a frame, and select the size. You can also choose your background colors!


Send in Your Photo

The final step is to send in your photo. Once you submit your information you will be contacted within 48 hours to further discuss your project.

I have commissioned Art For Hue, Kristen, for several pieces of art. She painted a stunning and life like, portrait of my beloved dog that literally stops people in their tracks when they see it. Her attention to detail and use of color is breathtaking. She has also created several art visual support designs to help support my clients in therapy. The children adore her creations and they make therapy more fun which improves engagement.

Holly Knotowicz

Begin Your Order!

Have some ideas about your project? Please note size, deadline needed, and any other important information.  Feel free to jot them down here!

If you have a reference photo on-hand, submit it below.

Upload File

Thanks for ordering! I will be in contact with you to discuss details and payment within 48 hours.

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