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Terms and Conditions

For Commissioned Artwork

The Artist: Kristen Zimmerman

The Client: Anyone who makes a purchase through this website, or directly to the Artist.

Commissioned Artwork/Commission: Service and product purchased by the Client from the Artist.


Please read these terms and conditions prior to commissioning artwork from Kristen Zimmerman, otherwise referred to as the Artist for the remainder of this document. Any payment made towards a commission declares that you, the Client, have read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions.



The Client does not need to provide a signature of any kind for these terms and conditions to apply. If the Client commissions the Artist, or makes a purchase through this website of any kind, they signify that they have fully read and agreed to these terms and conditions.



The Client may choose to pay for any commissioned artwork in full or in installments. The first payment made reserves the Client’s spot on the Artist’s schedule. Should the client choose to pay in installments, the Client agrees to complete each payment by the date(s) agreed upon between the Artist and Client. No artwork is to be shipped until all outstanding balances are paid by the Client.



The Client may pay for commissioned works via: Visa (credit and debit cards), MasterCard (debit and credit cards), American Express, Discover through the website. The Client may contact the Artist to request payment be made via mailed check, cash or Venmo. 



The Client is entitled to a full refund of their initial payment up to 7 days after making their payment, no questions asked. If the Client chooses to pay in installments, refunds can only be granted within 7 days of the first payment made. The Client must email the Artist within these 7 days to request a refund ( After 7 days from making a payment, refunds cannot be made, unless the commissioned artwork is damaged during shipping, or if the Artist needs to cancel the commission. Refunds for shipping damage cannot be guaranteed as they are at the discretion of the shipping provider. If the Artist needs to cancel a commission, a full refund to the Client is guaranteed. 



Due to the personalized nature of each commissioned artwork, returns and exchanges cannot be made.


The Artist reserves the right to deny any commissioned artworks. If the Client has already paid for the commission, the Artist is responsible for refunding the Client the amount they have paid. 



Both the Client and the Artist reserve the right to terminate a commission at any time.

If the Client chooses to terminate: The Artist is not required to refund any payments already made towards the commission, regardless of the status of the commission. The client is not responsible for any more payments after the time of termination. If the commissioned artwork has already been started at the time of termination, the Artist reserves the right to complete the commission for the purpose of reselling, or use it for any other purpose.

If the Artist chooses to terminate: The Artist is required to refund any payments made towards the commission, regardless of the status of the commission.



While the Artist does everything in their power to ensure satisfaction with each commissioned artwork, sometimes adjustments are needed. Adjustments are classified as Minor and Major adjustments. Only the Artist can classify an adjustment.

Minor Adjustments: Most adjustments completed by the Artist are classified as Minor. Minor adjustments are completed at no extra charge. An adjustment is classified by the Artist as Minor if: the Client is able to point out needed changes to the commissioned artwork that are based on the original photographs provided to the Artist at the time of purchase, or the Artist missed a detail in the commissioned artwork that was specifically requested by the Client.

Major Adjustment: If the requested changes deviate from the original reference photographs provided to the Artist by the Client, or otherwise contradict information provided to the Artist by the Client at the time of purchase, a Major adjustment can be made for an extra cost. Any special requests for the commissioned artwork must be made at the time of purchase to avoid the possibility for a Major adjustment. No Major adjustment will be made until a price is agreed upon by the Client and the Artist. 



Commission pricing on this website is subject to change at any time. If the Client is paying for their commissioned artwork in installments when a price change takes effect, the Client is responsible for paying the agreed amount at the time of the first installment purchase and will not be affected by the price change for the remainder of their installments. 



The Artist provides an estimated date of completion to each Client who commissions artwork from them. Estimated dates of completion can be found on the Artist’s website prior to purchasing, and are also communicated to the Client within 24 hours of their purchase. The Client acknowledges that the date range they receive for the completion of their commission is an estimation and not a guarantee. The actual date of completion may vary by any amount of days from the original estimation. The Artist is responsible for communicating any delays to the Client if their commissioned artwork is not complete by the original estimation.



The Artist ships commissioned artwork that is 20”x24” or smaller through USPS Priority mail. Any commissioned artwork that is 24”x30” or larger is shipped through FedEx Ground. The Client may request another provider but will be responsible for paying the difference (if there is one). The artist is not responsible for shipping delays once the commissioned artwork is in possession of the shipping carrier. The Artist can often ship internationally upon request. The Client will be responsible for shipping costs if they are located outside of the United States.



The Artist takes great care in packaging each commissioned artwork to avoid damage during transit.  Any damage that takes place during shipping is not the responsibility of the Artist. All commissioned artworks are insured through the provider they are shipped with. The Client may be eligible to receive a full refund for their commissioned artwork if it is damaged when received. To be eligible, the Client must take photographs of the condition of the package and artwork when they received it, and send the commissioned artwork back to the Artist in the condition it was received. The Client is responsible for shipping fees to return the commission. The Artist will then open a case with the shipping provider to receive a refund for the cost of the commission. If a refund is granted to the Artist, the Artist agrees to give the Client the full refund.



The copyright of the commissioned artwork remains with the Artist under all circumstances. The Artist has the right to use the image of the commissioned artwork in any circumstance, including advertising. The Client may only use the commissioned artwork for display or personal enjoyment. The Client may post images of their commissioned artwork to social media only if credit is given to the Artist. The Client may not make prints or copies of their commissioned artwork without written permission from the Artist. The Client may not profit from their commissioned artwork in any way.



Images found on the Artist’s website or sent electronically in any way to the Client may not accurately depict the commissioned artwork due to individual screen and color differences. The Artist makes every effort to display each commissioned artwork as accurately as they can. 



The Artist reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions at any time. The date of the last edit will be displayed at the end of this document.

These Terms and Conditions were last revised on: October 31, 2022

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